Integrated Relocation Services

Commercial / Business Relocation

Integrated Relocation Services concentrates solely on commercial relocations. Therefore, you are guaranteed a Project Manager who is skilled in the disciplines of commercial moving and will be able to handle any event regarding your project

Most movers in our market only do commercial moves as an afterthought and their experience in commercial relocation rarely makes up more than 15% of their moving projects.

One of the many advantages of partnering with Integrated Relocation Services is our expertise in move management. We will work with your company's move coordinator to assemble and prepare your employees for their upcoming move. We present move orientation meetings in which we go through your move process step by step. Allowing for questions to erase any ambiguity about what they will need to do in preparing for their move. It is our goal to eliminate obstacles before they happen.

For the Move Coordinator we provide checklists that detail in time line each step to achieving a smoother move. We also provide Project Management lists that illustrate how to build a move coordination team. Your Integrated Relocation Services, Inc. Representative can assist in the RFP (Request For Proposal) Process and even provide an easily adaptable template that practically puts together the RFP for you. Our objective is reducing the time your company has to spend planning and performing your move. At Integrated Relocation Services, we understand that your employees have real jobs to do besides moving. After all, that's our job.

Integrated Relocation Services offers discounted pricing for your crate and box needs. Because we are a strictly commercial / business relocation enterprise, our customers enjoy the savings that Integrated Relocation Services is able to provide due to our high volume procurement in File Tote Boxes and File Crates.

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